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It all started when...

Many physicians stumble upon the clinical research industry by a serendipitous turn of events.  Through trial and error they begin to formulate an assessment of their future participation in further clinical trials.  

The unfortunate part about this is, without the right support structure in place for the physician to do what he does best...treat patients and monitor their overall well-being.  These physicians are often overwhelmed with the voluminous regulatory hurdles they have to overcome in the course of running a study and they often become discouraged, choosing to never participate in a study again.  An industry publication recently cited that 90% of physicians who conduct their first clinical trial choose to never commence another.

At BloomTrials we understand that physicians are key to the success of any clinical trial but are often intimidated by the complexities inherent in running a research study.  We also understand that patients are more likely to participate in a study if they are referred by their physicians.  We have combined these two opportunities and created a turn key solution for any physician, whether experienced in clinical research or not,  to follow our proven model developed by seasoned clinical research associates and compliance auditors, and thrive in this arena.  

Our team of highly specialized professionals are here to navigate you through the complexities and regulatory requirements that are necessary to conduct clinical research at the highest level of safety, data integrity, and economic success.  

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