Since BloomTrials' founding in 2017, we’ve had the privilege of working with many of the most respected companies in the pharmaceutical industry.

We believe we have the best medical research team in the Dallas-Fort Worth region.  Founded by a Senior CRA who directly understands the importance of good clinical practice and data integrity, our site is uniquely equipped to assist you on your next project.  Our relationships with medical providers in the communities in which they serve, allow us to directly leverage high patient enrollment, multi-therapeutic indications, and extreme confidence in our recruitment and retention while maintaining centralized operating procedures. The result: outstanding medical attention for our patients and clean, timely data for our sponsors.

At Bloom Trials, we understand how much you have invested in your products, and we strive to do our part in bringing safe and effective drugs and devices to market as quickly and safely as possible.  Our deep understanding of clinical trial operations and streamlined approach allows us to realize our goal of reducing  the amount of start-up time necessary to begin site initiation.

Since we first began conducting studies in 2017, we have established a trusted and experienced network of industry professionals to assist with patient recruitment and retention. Because each of our investigators has established private practices within our research sites, we are able to recruit the majority of our trial participants from our investigators’ own patient population. This helps introduce normally research-naive patients into clinical trials that can be both appropriate and beneficial to them.

As a result of this model, BloomTrials is able to provide the best participant supervision before, during and after a study. Our patients invariably have a high level of comfort because they know that their needs will be addressed. This all translates into high quality as well as complete data for our sponsors.


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